Lejan Land Surveying Inc.

Professional Land Surveyors
Hamilton-Burlington-Oakville-Toronto GTA



Lejan Land Surveying Inc is a privately owned company licensed and operated under a Certificate of Authorization issued by the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors. Through our extensive surveying experience and using the latest most efficient equipment we provide our customers with reliable deliverables on time, every time.

Why a Professional Land Surveyor?
According to Ontario law, only surveys made by licensed Ontario Land Surveyors are legal. Only members of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors have completed the academic requirements and practical training before licensing. Only Association members are required to maintain the necessary theoretical, practical and ethical standards set by legislation and the profession.

We are trained professional land surveyors with skills and expertise to satisfy all needs of surveying, engineering surveys and mapping from determining a simple fence line to the most complex multi-million dollar project requiring state-of-the art technology, experience and expertise. Proudly serving Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Toronto, and the greater GTA.