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Land Surveying Services

Boundaries and Your Land

Typically, your house and property represent your largest assets. If you are contemplating purchasing a property, you should know as much as possible about the piece of land you are going to invest in. Obtaining a Surveyors Real Property Report (SRPR) may be the most important thing you do before you close the deal on any purchase.

Without a survey, you may not know the extent of your property. Only an Ontario Land Surveyor licensed to perform cadastral (legal boundary) surveys can provide you with this information. Without a survey, there is much you do not know and you are risking both your relationship with your neighbours, and your investment.

It pays to know the boundaries of your land. A small distance can make a big difference. The erection of a fence or other structure in the wrong location can be the source of expensive litigation and ill will between neighbours. Your licensed land surveyor can help you avoid such disputes.

Surveyor's Real Property Report (SRPR)
This is a plan of survey and report prepared under Sections 28, 29 and 30 of O.Reg. 216/10 of the Surveyors Act, RSO, 1990 Ch. S.29. A SRPR is prepared specifically to illustrate the location of buildings or structures relative to the boundaries of a unit of land. It also shows the location of any other physical features and registered encumbrances, such as easements, on or immediately adjacent to the property.

In a Real Estate transaction, a current Surveyor's Real Property Report provides the purchaser, the seller, the lending institution, the municipality, the Realtor and all other parties to the transaction with an accurate representation of the property prior to the purchase being completed. A Surveyor's Real Property Report must be prepared by a licensed Ontario Land Surveyor.

 Reference Plans
Starting with the Plan of Survey with sketches of the proposed severance that need approval from the committee of adjustment to preparing and depositing your Reference Plan with the land registry office, Lejan Surveying can help you. We do Reference Plans for various other reasons such as road widenings, land severances, land subdivision.

Monitoring of Structures
Monitoring of structures such as buildings, shoring walls, and tunnels to facilitate the implementation of remedial and preventive engineering actions in order to avoid or minimize damage. We have experience in:

  • Monitoring of building structures close to deep excavations
  • Monitoring of subway tunnels to check for compression and differential settlement
  • Monitoring of lateral and vertical movements on bridge structures
  • Deformation of structures due to thermo-movement
  • Real time monitoring systems

Engineering Surveys:
We have experience in:

  • Construction layout
  • Measurement and calculation of volumes
  • 3D digital terrain models, DTM, volume or area calculations, sections and setting-out schedules
  • Borehole location surveys

Site Plans
Most communities require site plans for all development projects that are reviewed by local officials. A site plan is a detailed graphic and written document that shows how a site will be developed. It is a legally binding, professionally prepared proposal for the use and development of a parcel of land. Many zoning ordinances have an entire article devoted to site plan review. If a site plan conforms with all zoning standards, it will then be approved. Licensed Surveyors are tasked with providing existing conditions plans, typically topographic plans illustrated on the legal fabric of the land parcel.




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